The Bible Project

The Bible Project
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When you share something, you may never know the ripple effect it has on others. We share to entertain, we share to connect, we share to define ourselves. Learning something new and exciting is always a highlight for me, especially when it comes by way of sharing. So this post is my way, dear reader, of paying it forward. It’s the story of one of the coolest Bible study tools I’ve ever come across. I hope you enjoy it!

How Did We Not Know?

The Bible Project is a non-profit animation studio who are committed to helping the whole world see the Bible as one unified story that leads to Jesus. Based out of Portland, Oregon (Amy and I visited their studio. More on that later.), they posted their first two videos back in 2014. Now, five years later, they have over 130 videos with more than 100 million views in over 200 countries.

This is the part where my mind wonders how something so amazing was floating around out there for over three years without us even noticing? It’s not that we were unplugged from society. An even more interesting thought is what cool things exist out there right now that we’re not even aware of? Tools, resources, and stories just waiting to be discovered… or waiting to be shared.

Each morning at 9:30, all of us at Focus on the Family Canada would gather together on our beautiful 3rd floor common area to have morning devotionals. Every week a different person would take turns leading, often reading from their favorite devotional or playing an inspiring video.

This particular day back in 2017, someone shared The Bible Project video on Philippians. I was blown away at such a cool way to explain a book of the Bible. Never before had I seen anything like it. As soon as morning devotions finished up, I sent Amy a link to the video and that’s how we discovered The Bible Project.

Pay it Forward

Maybe today is the day you discover The Bible Project, and this very blog the place. Maybe you’ve already known about them. If so, we think it’d be neat for you to leave a comment, detailing how you first heard of them. It’s always so encouraging to read stories about how others help spread fun things.

I often imagine a story such as this: Someone shares The Bible Project with their friend. The friend watches it and thinks it would be a great resource to learn about the Bible with her young son. The son becomes really interested in his Bible, falling in love with reading it every day. One day the young boy, while visiting his grandmother, says to her “grandma, do you read your Bible every day?” Little does the boy know, he planted a seed that eventually leads to his grandmother accepting Jesus into her life.

That’s my imaginary story, but I don’t think it’s too far-fetched. What if sharing something for the sake of being fun brings untold eternal consequences? A song, a poem, artwork, music, books. Just like that imaginary boy, little did my co-worker know that her sharing a video would cause me to fall more in love with my Bible.

Our Visit to Their Studio

Amy and I enjoy The Bible Project videos so much, we paid their office a visit on our travels. They’re located in Portland, Oregon which was perfect for us given we were in the area visiting family. Ken Weigel, Sr. Director of Strategy, graciously spent nearly 2 hours of his day showing us around and answering all of our questions.

I can’t begin to express how inspiring it was for us to hear how just a few people, in their spare time after work, went from creating and sharing content online to now running a successful crowd-funded organization that employs dozens of people full-time.

To hear Ken passionately speak about their mission and vision was refreshing. Learning about all the different countries that are having these videos translated, and the associated complexities that come with translation… wow. Not only is there the proverbial little boy in the United States, sharing his love of the Bible with his grandma; there may be hundreds all over the world doing something similar. All because a few people decided to share their passions.

What About You?

So, what do you have to share? Is there anything cool you’re currently reading, watching, or listening to? If so, share it. There’s someone out there right now who’d love to hear about something new. I’d love to hear from you myself, and I’m sure our readers will too!

P.S. If you know anyone in Montana, share this with them. We think they’ll enjoy it ; )

Worthy of it All

Photo Credit: Stephanie Greene

My first three months of 2014 changed everything. I’m not sure what to call this time, a detox; an awakening; a healing; a revelation? Perhaps all the above? No matter what you call it the reality is I found myself face to face with a Jesus I never knew before.

I have been a Christian since I was 19 years old. Most of my journey includes passionately seeking God in some form. There have been ups and downs for sure, but I often find myself hungry for more of God. Over the years I’ve checked all the Christian boxes, and then some. Attending church, reading the Bible, praying, Bible studies, ministry school, volunteering at a Bible camp, going on missions trips, spending 6 months as a missionary in Uganda, being involved in church plants. Let’s also not forget the numerous workshops, conferences and days of prayer all us good Christians partake in.

So what happened 5 years ago in Kansas City that forever changed the way I see God?

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Knowing God

God is so magnificent, awesome, and indescribable that we could spend an entire lifetime, including all of eternity and never exhaust the depths of knowing Him. If our goal is to fully understand the subject of God, we will come up short every time. Our human experience limits our ability to grasp and understand the enormity of God. That shouldn’t discourage us. If anything it should excite us, drawing us into an adventurous and wonderful pursuit of Him.

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Seasons of Transformation

It felt like spring was breaking through in Huntington Beach’s Central Park as we found ourselves in its “Secret Garden.” Fresh blossoms were starting to release a delightfully sweet fragrance, and as we walked through the garden I noticed a few different flowers beginning to bloom. These winding little paths must be stunning when the flowers come out in their full glory.

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Does God Love a Wardrobe Makeover?

Has God ever snuck up on you and revealed His goodness to you in a way that left you in awe? I love how He often takes simple, everyday things and fills them with His spirit so that they become extraordinary. On our first extended journey, our van life’s theme has been one of God showing me who I really am.

This usually means there is some obstacle in the way that needs to be removed so I can see myself the way He see’s me. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you a two-part act of how a wardrobe makeover ushered in God’s transforming power!

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The Gospel of Comfort

Image Credit: Roberto Nickson

Shocked to discover how far I had come, I questioned how I got here in the first place. A slippery slope, so easy to slide down. Little by little without realizing it I had convinced myself that my comfort is the greatest prize. It’s one of those prizes that comes with a sense of empty fulfillment once attained. It’s a mixture of discouragement and humour as I look at this thing I worked so hard to attain. Discouragement from being duped into believing it was the right thing, humourous because I was the one who duped myself.

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Van Life Transformation – Part II

Last week’s blog looked at Woodrow’s journey of transformation… so far. For those of you who haven’t met him yet, Woodrow is the Winnebago Travato we acquired in the end of June 2018. Ever since then my husband Lee and I have been exploring van life. In our last blog, we showed you some of the upgrades we’ve made including solar panels, a bedroom makeover, and ways to increase storage. After all, power and storage seem to be the two of the biggest needs in the van.

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Van Life Transformation

It was back in June 2018 when we traded our 690 square foot basement suite for a Winnebago Travato. We still have a bedroom, bathroom, dining room and kitchen; they just take up less than 100 square feet and are completely mobile. Like many people moving into a new home we decided to renovate. Making things functional and beautiful, one of my favourite combinations.  Isn’t it so exciting to make a new space your own? To put your own personal style into things.

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